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Storytelling at the intersection of our inner and outer worlds.

Joseph R. Goodall was born in Auckland, New Zealand and spent his childhood in Florida. Inspired by books combining science, history and creative story-telling, he wrote and illustrated his own stories from an early age. A big backyard, close-knit extended family, and involvement in community service efforts all shaped his love of building relationships and exploring cities, parks and nature trails. Humanitarian aid efforts have taken him on trips to Bolivia, India and Haiti, deepening his curiosity about the significance of place-making, the way people live and how to develop cross-cultural partnerships. 


Since earning a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida, he has worked in land development, preparing site designs for housing communities, office developments, parks and a wastewater treatment plant. 


His writing focuses on family, faith, community relationships, identity, and coming-of-age. What the Bird Sees in Flight, a short story collection about a New Zealand farming family, was published in 2021. He is a member of the Atlanta Writers' Club.


Joseph and his wife, Becca, live in Atlanta, GA.

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