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An Appalachian Coming-of-Age Tale

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Amos's parents work long days of manual labor in Pre-War Tennessee to provide for him and his younger brother. Their tireless devotion also extends to community organizing, drawing a host of wounded and weary neighbors from the entire valley to their tiny two-room bungalow. As Amos is exposed to his parents' open-hearted response to the harsh realities of their coal mining town, he is also confronted by his own affinity toward violence. A timeless coming of age tale inspired by the history of labor struggles in the Appalachians, Possessed with Dignity portrays a young man's curiosity and regret with empathetic precision. 

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Meet the Author

Joseph R. Goodall is a civil engineer and author based in Atlanta.

His writing has appeared in Flora Fiction and other online publications and focuses on the fraught interplay between the natural world, the built environment and human relationships.

When he's not reading, gardening, building LEGOs, going to the movie theater or exploring a new park or nature trail, he is in a constant struggle against perfectionism.


What the Bird Sees in Flight, his short story collection about the unraveling and reunion of a New Zealand farming family, was published in 2021.

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