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Would They Even Want To? (Publication Link)

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

The places we live are like silent witnesses to our comings and goings. The most intimate parts of our lives occur on the patch of earth we claim as our own, perhaps with a two-car garage, a tiny garden and a fenced yard for our dog to run around. Is it possible to separate our sense of self from the four walls and a roof we call “home?” How far does our responsibility and ownership extend?

Thank you to “Flora Fiction” for publishing my short story Would They Even Want To? in their online literary magazine. I wrote the first draft while sitting under a tree in a park while thinking about the hundreds of families evacuating their homes during a wildfire in California. Below is an excerpt. Does the story bring up any questions for you?

“The parents and two children yanked open drawers and snatched underwear and valuables into duffel bags, went to the fridge and scooped its contents into a suitcase. The television flashed evacuation warnings in the living room, bathing the couch in a red glow. The house hummed and swelled, upset by the change in routine, disturbed from its gradual awakening.”

Please enjoy!

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