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What the Bird Sees in Flight: Collected Stories of a New Zealand Farming Family

“You must think about the whole, not all the tiny parts. Think of what the bird sees in flight, gliding over the treetops.”


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Set among the rolling green hills of New Zealand’s verdant Waikato District, this episodic collection of short stories opens a window into the life of a twentieth century dairy farming family. Nuanced and thought-provoking, the accessible tales highlight the emotions, disagreements and aspirations dwelling just below the surface in each member of the Hester clan.


From a fishing boat surrounded by a school of whales, to an unexpected kiss in a second-hand shop, to an overnight manhunt in the mountains, this series of poignant snapshots spans the Great Depression into mid-century, depicting the relationships between Duncan and Isla and their five children, Rangi, Anna, Joshua, Ron and Wally, as they navigate managing a farm, as well as loss, transition, identity, faith, estrangement and legacy-building. 

Loosely based on the author’s great-grandparents, What the Bird Sees in Flight offers a creative perspective on the complexity of family relationships and the desire for belonging we all carry.

What the Bird Sees in Flight: Collected Stories of a New Zealand Farming Family

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