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Joseph R.


Author & Civil Engineer

Storytelling at the Intersection

of Our Inner and Outer Worlds


At Fyffe House in Kaikoura, New Zealand

Goodall family home from 1868-1911

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What the Bird Sees in Flight

This historical fiction short story collection is available in paperback and eBook formats from online and local book sellers.

Possessed with Dignity ebook cover.jpg.jpg
Surrounded by poverty in Pre-War Tennessee, young Amos must confront his affinity toward violence in this moving coming-of-age tale inspired by the history of labor struggles in the Appalachians.

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in the intersection


I believe this relationship between human beings, community-building and our fragile planet serves as the fertile ground for personal and communal narratives, our stories of pain and triumph and mundanity.


The internal contours of our being - our emotional and spiritual life - overlay onto this three-fold outer environment as well. The interesting characters we encounter, the resistance we face, and the resolutions we fight for, all populate this intersection, and stories (both "true" and "fictional") spring forth readily as from a fountain.

This perspective informs my design approach as an engineer, as I seek to facilitate this interaction between people, infrastructure and land in healthy and sustainable ways. It also highlights my insatiable curiosity and careful observation, and why I love to learn about a variety of topics - often reading too many books at one time.


This is also what inspires me to write: to tell stories and render scenes that depict the beauty and complexity of our need for each other, the effect of our environment on our living condition and vice versa, and to help me empathize with others' experience and perspectives.

I hope that as you read my writing, you'll be inspired to pay more attention in your every day life, to value your unique personality, relationships and spaces, and to consider someone else's point of view.

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